Types of sachets

Sachet solutions
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Increase your sales figures and reach new customers with innovative sachet solutions by Lohnpack. For more than 50 years, we have been developing sachets – also known as side sealed bags – that optimize your market success effectively. Their flexibility makes sachets ideal for creative packaging and distinctive branding. With unique shapes and creative brand messages, they clearly stand out from other products on the shelf and strengthen your brand image.


Extraordinary shapes
for additional sales

Customers get excited about creative and unique contour sachets. Lohnpack develops distinctive contour sachets that convince at the POS or as a sample pack. An exact reproduction of the product design is made possible by punching out the shape of the original product. The authentic design ensures brand recognition of the product. The possibilities? Nearly endless. The individual sealing and punching tools will be created according to your own personal wishes.

Standard sachet

Cost-efficient bestseller
with savings potential

Through years of experience, certain types of sachets have been established as standard sachets at Lohnpack. These sachets are particularly convincing due to their cost-effective production. Their rectangular shape allows extremely efficient foil wastage. Sealing tools are available in almost all sizes. The sachets can be distributed loosely, glued into advertising cards or placed into folding boxes / trays.

Multiple sachet

Effective sachet solution
for double market success

Both our standard and our contour sachets can be produced as multiple sachets. With sets of 2, 3 or 4, different products of a brand can be advertised at the same time and thus can also be tested by the consumer. The individual chambers are filled with different products, e. g. with shampoo and conditioner or day and night cream.

Magazine sachet

Advertisement with product experience
and added value

Nothing is as effective as trying the product. Magazine sachets are a creative way to make your ad more attractive. The customer and the publisher place high quality and specific requirements on the production process, which we are familiar with due to decades of experience. Magazine sachets require special foils. We carry out the necessary suitability and stability tests in cooperation with the foil manufacturer.

Onpack sachet

The sales promotion tool
for new customer segments

With our onpack sachets, you can advertise new products attached to an already known brand. Onpack sachets e. g. as neck hangers deliver the decisive purchase argument at the POS and stand out from the crowd. The required sealing and punching tools are manufactured according to your personal requirements.

Tissue sachet

For an effective appearance at the POS or as a high-quality addition

We produce wipes for the technical as well as for the cosmetic and the hygienic area. Different types of wipes are available for the various forms of application such as disinfection, touchscreens, window cleaning, or refreshment. In particular, there is the option of a double sachet – one chamber can be equipped with a wet tissue, the other with a dry tissue. In addition to standard formats, specific formats are possible.

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